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Collision Blocking

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Has anyone else noticed that occasionally when you use a dodge or gliding fury to move out of a boss's way, it will refuse to move you even though there's nothing in your way? Even if I use a slip dash, spear dash, or gliding fury at a 90 degree angle away from the boss, it will occasionally refuse to move me anywhere, and on some bosses, and some attacks, it can happen more often than not. I'm specifically talking about cold shaban's unblockable, AKA the worst possible one of controlled black hammer's attacks that they could have cut, pasted and adapted into an unblockable, as it regularly involved invul tanking due to the rampant collision blocking not allowing you to move out of the way. This attack has produced in me a rather copious volume of salt. I know how to dodge it, but whether or not it actually works depends on whether i happen to get blocked by the boss collision, or whether or not i have Absolute Fury available. Getting killed because the game wont do what you told it to do and what it says it's going to do is always frustrating, but it's a theme with Lann because the attack responsible for very roughly 60% of his damage forces him to constantly launch himself into, or into the general area of the boss. It's also problematic with his dashes because, in addition to sword and spear dashes not moving him very far (which, apparently, is getting fixed), they're also prone to not working and moving him precisely 0 meters even with nothing in the way, which is unacceptable when bosses have unblockable attacks that deal 40% of your health in damage. This is a problem with many bosses, and has been ever since season 1, but it didn't matter all too much until unblockables became a thing. Some bosses, like the big headed goblin bosses from Donegal, have it particularly bad. I remember that when I was fighting the Eviscerator in Ein Lacher, I had to change my entire combat strategy from dodging in and out of his attacks while fishing for furies, as you do with Twin Spears, to straight up Grand Hurricane spin2win, precisely because my lightning furies and spear dashes would get bugged out constantly. Lightning furies would, about 20% of the time, refuse to move me through the boss, and my spear dash would often get hung up in the boss, even when dodging at 90 degree angles from his face, often requiring 2 or 3 dodges just to get the distance out of one.

Is there any way to avoid this? I've been dealing with this problem for a long time, having just gotten Golden Light last week, but I would really like to know if anyone else has found a way to avoid this, or what exactly causes it to begin with.


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    For me the issues you are talking about only seem to happen when there is an invisible object or the floor just has issues at some seem. (In particular I find it happens in neam the most. You can see it happening due to the floor since Fiona's dash gets stuck many times when you aren't even near the boss.)

    I personally haven't bothered to gold Eviscerator in Ein, so I haven't run enough to remember if I saw similar issues on that map like I see in Neam.

    Either way I would suggest you try it on a different computer (if possible) and see if you are still having the same issues? If no other computer is available then try just dropping all the graphics settings to min to attempts to rule out odd computer related glitches are occurring.

    But just know they wont fix anything we find. Korea would have to be QQing about the issue and even then it would take 2+ years for a half fix ;-) (Unless it was a NX related issue.)

    GL on figuring it out.