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How do we dodge special attacks from bosses?

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in Fiona
Fiona mains, I need your help.

I know Fiona has one of the best ways to counter enemies' skills, but some of those are unblockable, like Dullahan's red circle's spam after he reaches 3 HP bars.
Is there a way to dodge those skills to prevent the damage? Or should I take it all?

Also some attacks from Neamhain, I can't block them, sometimes I do, is that because I have to guard in the right moment?


  • PhaliantPhaliant
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    Hello there,

    Well to sum it up RED attacks are meant to be unblockable except if you're using your I-frame skills right.

    So about dullahan's, either use transformation to stay alive, get away and back to damage with dashes or use exquisite stimulants.

    So about Neamhain's, ALL her attacks must be perfect blocked with a small shield (except some that you can Heavy stander) her RED's aren't blockable at all so better use your I-frame (again) or avoid them by walking "spatially" away.

    Hope it helps!
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