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Question about everyone's memories

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Did your character forget Tieve & Kheagan and what transpired? Or everyone but the player?
I remember a few years ago when you went to the Inn it said something about an ache and missing something so I assumed the player forgot


  • RhilinRhilin
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    Everyone forgot except you and certain others.
    Currently Brynn remembered Tieve and Muir knows the actions of the Gods hence they both are with you and helping you. As well Milo remembers that his sister sacrificed herself and was forgotten (Season 2) and I think Kean remembers Seanna's past and what happened as well while she does not. I believe Iset has some memories that are unaltered but since she spent most of her time in the desert I wonder how much she knows but for a fact she remembers Milo and the player.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Season 1 finale events unseals Elchulus and other gods who were sealed with him - most importantly Cichol and Morrigan. As result, in Season 1 epilogue most of events were forgotten by everyone who weren't in Erinn when that happened. Not only memories were affected, but also twist in time appeared, blurring things related to the forgotten ones.

    In Season 2 transition we actually go back in time to the moment when S1 Episode 1 is completed. In the end however, things end up with similar effect. Why and what exactly happens is explained during Season 3.