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EU Server Population - Server Closing?

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First off my english is not the best, keep the hate. And last, if you enjoy playing this game? read this.

It's not a secret that the population has gone low since i don't know? But more important is that what will happen if it will decrease even more.
We know that Nexon & devcat is all about money, but without us there ain't much. So if less people are interessted in investing in this game then what kind of option are left to happen.

Closing the Server?
I'm not sure if closing the server might be the best idea, but what about all the veterans, the active players & those who still enjoy playing this game , those that have spent serveral years to improve their gear, & might have invested real money to do so.
What about the effort that hasnt come in one day, that all would be vanish in an instant & the one or other woulnd't be be happy with that, so i suggest there should be other options to keep those accounts in tact "IF" it would ever come this far.

So what other options are we talking about
Better drop rates? Better mini Events? You claimed to improved daily mission Items after completing them but tell us what should we do with the Phoenix Feather that we could also buy from an NPC. I mean alot of items can be bought but a Phoenix feather? thats kinda sad to be considered as "Improved" item isn't it.
Server merge? i don't have any infos nor details about why it didn't happened yet nor if it ever would but, why not fusing two half empty server together to fix a solid problem like NA & EU? If there is anything against that, then i think we deserve to know dont we.
And hell if this ain't possbible then just send those accounts other to a Server that is intact, for those who still want to play.

Why has the population even decrease?
Alot of people are considering serveral Events as boring or not satiesfied enough based on items or stuff that is even for free.
Missing content in Gatcha boxes like the "dry moonshot set" (you want that Cash why didn't you add it).
Or content that has recently realesed in Korea but is still over a year ahead of us until it arrives. We know your hands are bound, & you as GM's or What ever you are, got to follow some rules from above & can't just hand it to us. But isn't it also your Job to improve the enviroment for everyone as you said you would do in one of your latest updates? i haven't noticed in any of this, if it was about FPS stuff or Lags then my apologies ( like that has changed either) but aren't we also talking about items or drop rates? That pay to win thing has gone kinda to far lately (not going into details) but Raiding for even weeks & getting a half handfull of drops that aren't even worth much kinda sucks. I know we are in charge for our prices based on scrolls etc by our selves but you as GM's got the last word to speak. I on my behalf don't ask for anything, just what you do about the fact that EU is going low on people.

So if this Server is ever going to actuall close, just contact me & send my account over to korea thanks.
If Any of you still enjoy playing this game then share your opinion & speak up before we all get surprised by something bad :).


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    Hello there,
    I’m here just because of this thread. You just hit in the point, I know your pain. I’m totally disappointed because I have playing Vindictus over 7 years with my Guild and I feel like I’m not enjoying this game anymore. Ok let’s get it straight.
    The most important question: Why has the population even decrease?
    The answers are different, depend by each opinion of each player.
    1. Where are the 8-players Raids (except Neamhain 4x per week)
    2. Why there is no useful profits for being a member of Guild like it was once (+Crit and +LUK when whole Guild in one party)
    3. Why now consumable items are time-limited like never before? Why I can’t save some event unique items for some time to use it in some day?
    4. Why there is greater impact of statistic than on skills (Additional Damage) – this is the worst. What when Ferghus don’t like you and you don’t have your +15 weapon?
    Vindictus was Great when it was always about skill (Combo System) after RISE path most of players leaved the game Because VINDICUS IS TOO EASY right now. Common players like top players in ranking of equipment with (mostly) lack of skills can beat you easily because of impact from additional damage as well. That’s the truth.
    5,6,7,8… poor events, no restrictions and ban hammer for player whose using multi-accounts, spear same-place targeting when thrown in a player on boat, no jump, poor optimization etc. etc.

    All we get is an Korean content with couple months delay and what Korea have?
    -Raids for 8 players! (Dullahan for example)
    -Balanced Damage in dungeons.
    -Hard and difficult events that for example we can farm for our Avatar set… not avater set for 1 days like here just Permanent Avatar set… from event.
    -They have even Graphic Cards gifts for players with 5-years activity.

    I’m going to post official thread tomorrow about things that should be changed with some ideas that should resolve it. Trust me without 8-players Raids and with that affection of Additional damage and + on gear playing Vindictus is pointless for me – 7 years player, and more other players I bet.

    Of course I agree with you Stunny the most:
    “So if this Server is ever going to actuall close, just contact me & send my account over to korea thanks.”
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    Self replying threads are a trend now?
  • xCyclonusxCyclonus
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    Not quite.. Some did this before in the old EU forums. xD
  • DrusaDrusa
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    Delusional people as usual.

    muh petitions
    muh criticism
    muh suggestions


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    Oi m8, got a loicense for those dank memes?
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    You seem to be INCREDIBLY ignorant regarding the fact that the company blocked the MAJORITY of its EU player base from playing the game more than a year ago. From that moment, the game really died.