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Lynn skill questions

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Some questions about Lynn's new weapon.

1. Which skill gives Lynn stamina to continue fighting?

2. What is the most damaging thing Lynn can do?; which combo and which buffs to use before that.

3. What are common faster combos and buffs to use when you have much less time in opportunity.

4. How much more do you like blute over glaive?

5. Any other tips.


  • KMonkKMonk
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    1. Spiked Ferule, do your normal into smash combo then hit Q and another smash or normal. If the last move hits, you gain HP and STA.

    2. L[LRE~turn 180~R~EL~L~] (repeat) - OR - just do LLLRER or RLRER

    3. Fastest to slower: LREL, LRER, LLREL, RLRER

    4. I prefer it since you can actually gain HP back and you can gain STA during minion battle instead of just boss.

    5. Smash is a good way to get in while being invulnerable during the beginning and dashing of the move. Though this move is risky since the middle has a big hole where you can get smacked. You can keep chaining R~R~R if the boss is keep trying to hit you. Once you get an opening, you can press L and it will bring you to the third L and you can just RER to reap heavy damage.