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Seanna = Neamhain's vessel?

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Here are a couple theories as to why Seanna might be Neamhain's vessel.

1. It was mentioned in the story that Neamhain's awakening was incomplete/failed and as a result appears the way she appears in Sea of Reflection.

2. When reaching Berbhe for the first time, in one of Seanna's dialogues, she says something along the lines of feeling as if having lost something. A memory perhaps? We don't have much of a backstory to Seanna, but what if time/memories were erased back then? I'm referring to the witch hunt; she isn't an oracle to Morrighan as she can detect the power of other gods as so mentioned in Season 2.

3. When Lechaud covers Seanna in a blanket after the ordeal with getting Gertrude the potion, he says how Seanna looks a lot like his missing sister. What if Seanna IS Lechaud's sister? If you look at their appearance, don't you think they somewhat resemble as siblings?

What if the result of Lechaud being Priest was caused by a memory wipe/time change and it was Seanna who was supposed to be Priest? Remember, Lugh too had to walk the path of hero, so it is likely a similar occurrence happened back then. I don't know what the female variant of the Priest outfit would look like, but I'd imagine it would look a lot like Neamhain's in Mabinogi. Aside from the tan, if Seanna were to be wearing Priest clothing and a set of dark wings, don't you think she would look a lot like Neamhain from Mabinogi?

Another thing to think about. Meb mentions to Seanna that she would change someone's fate. What if that someone was us? Of course Vindi no longer follows Mabi's story, but what if there was some similarities? In Mabinogi, Neamhain uses her Brionic to kill Cichol and the player is then bestowed upon his power. What if something similar happens to the player during the path of hero? What if Seanna awakens as Neamhain, blames and kill Cichol for her failed awakening and then the player is bestowed his power?

What do you think?


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    It was mentioned that the Fomors only have male priest like the Humans only have female Oracles. So even if it's true about Seanna and she remained, Lechaud would still be a priest due to being male. The rule is probably because like humans have a story that an Oracle would awaken as Morrighan, Fomors as well would have a story that a Priest would awaken as Cichol.

    Personally I wouldn't be surprised if they used another Oracle to awaken Neamhain with the same clothes as Morrighan. Seanna already senses the power of the gods, even dead ones (Cromm) so I wound't be surprised if she can connect to the incomplete Neamhain. DOing that she will be restored to her original form and title.

    And with this it looks like Ceara will become Macha's vessel making a complete reincarnations of the lore's major gods.
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    Seanna is possibly Lechaud's lost sister. Why human appearance? She might be Nemedian like he is, therefore basically fomorian version of human. See these quotes:

    About Lechaud:
    A priest from Berbhe. Serene and graceful, he has the purest heart in town. He lost his younger sister when he was just a child.

    Lechaud after Gertrude wanted to execute Seanna:
    She must've been terrified. She fell asleep so quickly. Now that I look at her, she looks a lot like my missing sister... People used to say my sister had the makings of a priest. She was that talented. Instead, I was chosen... When I became a priest, I thought I was doing it for my sister. I was shocked to hear the story of the Divine Priest. Converts didn't get infected, and they said the advent of the Savior had already come to pass. "Forget your hatred, your rage, and your strife. Honor me, and you shall only know paradise." The Savior apparently spoke those words himself, but have you ever looked in the eyes of his followers? They show nothing. No love, no friendship, no faith. Nothing. They are devoid of all feeling... I would not be here if the Savior has already come. Yet, all I hear is his voice, his promise of paradise... So what am I to do?"
    There are many cases where she has proved to be talented, even back in S2.

    Is she vessel for Neamhain? Doubt. We don't even know if she needs one in first place. Crom needed, because he was "dead". "Sea of Reflection" and dialogues from Aidan suggest that she's sealed in world of reflection, another dimension.

    Who is she then? There were multiple mentions that the hero (aka us) is accompanied by a magician and a priest. It's been confirmed Brynn is the magician, but none said Muir is a priest. As a matter of fast, Muir was called "the hero's guide". I believe either Seanna or Lechaud is the priest. I don't know what role they will play, but the past priest and magician were able to choose a path. In speak of which, I believe Reilly is the past magician.

    I can provide more quotes if needed.
  • RhilinRhilin
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    Wasn't Seanna's past mentioned in S2? Or am I mistaken it with Allysse. (Probably the latter.)

    Seanna can feel the power of other gods aside Morrighan's. Almost all humanoid gods needes a vessel of some kind so far. If Neamhain's ressurection isn't completed it will explain why she has such an apperance and probably would need a more fitting host. And if Macha needs one as well, it will explain why she took Ceara and why she wasn't shown yet.

    I guess we will find out next episode when Macha stands before us.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Macha made appearance before taking over Ceara, and she likes plot twist and mess around. I did some research and most likely found her motivation:
    The red-winged goddess who feeds on war and rage...

    War and rage are what I live for.

    I'm only a demigod. I can observe fate, but I cannot alter it. Listen to me. It's better to be human than to be a demigod. My name has no place in the tale that is destiny.

    Macha about Neamhain:
    Milo: Was that an earthquake?
    Macha: It was the silver-winged goddess who yearns to triumph over destiny, exerting her influence over the world. She has begun to turn her fury toward the humans.

    Dialogue between Milo, Iset and Macha (during or after Ceara events):
    Macha: Let's be honest... Gods are dangerous. Never forget that, kid.
    Iset: Milo! Be careful. Macha! What are you trying to do?
    Macha: Ahaha. Don't look so nervous, Iset. I was just giving the boy one last kiss goodbye. In my defense, I was growing tired of this little story. I know I'm just a mere demigod but... I could tell my own story! Why not? Besides, I have to live up to my namesake. The goddess of war and fury. Hahaha! Let's go, Ceara. The last trial is waiting for you.

    Macha possibly kidnapped Milo, and here's why she would do that:
    "Destiny Stone" is just a name that originates from druid culture. They say that humans were originally created from stone. The stone was cut to create our current form, and life was breathed into it to make us human. That is why stones feature so much in magic. The rumors about the Destiny Stone misunderstand this. It's not a thing to hold or use. It's the person who chooses the next king. And that's Allysse.
    That said - Allysse made Milo the next King of Erinn. He's currently "erg in human form". Macha likely wants to use him to become something more she is, to triumph over her destiny like Neamhain did (at least according to what she said). The last quote also proves that Ceara is being used for a reason.

    Enok to Macha, after our fight with Arcana:
    I have obtained all the materials you require. Now, my goddess, shall we go?
    While we don't know how exactly Arcana absorbed other souls to empower herself, we may suspect Macha might want to do the same (especially that last ingredient was from Arcana). Perhaps she will want to absorb Milo, therefore becoming unstoppable overpowered force, who has control over fate.

    What about Ceara though? Currently she's possessed / mind controlled, but may later become a vessel, like dead Nemedian body did for Arcana (Jardin's Volcano spirit).
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    Probably she wants to be like her sisters who defy fate. Though Morrighan is also considered to be a goddess of war. The three after all form the Badhbh Catha Goddessess.

    While I believe your deduction for her reasoning to be sound, I do believe she took Ceara to be her vessel if she is gonna defy her fate. As for why her well, she likes her as she has red hair like herself (she said this specifically). This is since I'm still gonna stick that the gods need a vessel to be reborned completely. Only Elchulus so far did not need such a thing.