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Release Vindictus for Consoles / Cross-Platform

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We need more players. There's still a huge market from console gamers.

Imagine the potential population growth if we had cross-platform game-play with console players.

Games like Fortnite have had great success with this. Really hope Vindictus can do the same.
  1. Would you support Cross-Platform Gameplay with Console Players?23 votes
    1. Yes of course!
       70% (16 votes)
    2. Nah, I'm good
       30% (7 votes)


  • SomeguywashereSomeguywashere
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    Even bdo..... Black desert online
  • GoatanksGoatanks
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    Is it possible? Sure why not?

    But will they invest in it? Who Knows?

    Not sure if they will even try multi-platform but I probably wouldn't be surprised if they charged console players a $10 download cost just to cover overhead fees.
  • GoatanksGoatanks
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    edited February 22, 2020
    Why is Nexon so slow to change?

    Countless games such as Dauntless, Paladins, Realm Royale, Smite, and Apex Legends are all on console and PC.

    Vindictus could have been on par with Ark Survival Evolved or even Monster Hunter.

    They could have gained so many console players if they offered this sooner but better late than never.

    Even if they can't make it cross-platform at least try for multi-platform first and then patch it later on.

    It's not like PC players will complain about playing with console players.

    Just look at our activity levels since Fatigue System was released.

    If you're really worried about server stability and lag, then why not make test servers and invite console players to Beta Test?

    Despite microtransactions and everything that's happened, the game still has a decent player base and many loyal players who don't want to see this game die.

    Can't you see the potential income from console players? All you have to do is listen and show us that you still care.

    Don't say that this is impossible. It's 2020, at least try something out. Either get with the times or keep falling behind.

    Sorry to revive this old post. Just wanted to bring this up instead of making a new thread.


  • DanteXEDanteXE
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    After 1 year, i can confirm they didn't even consider it... Why Nexon why. You are killing a nice game.