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Back after a long hiatus.

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Hi everyone,

So after about 2/3 years of not playing I kind of want to get back into Vindictus. I always loved the game, even though it's owned by money hungry Nexon and the game is "dying" as many people imply. Even so, I feel like I want to try and get back into it, most likely a big part of that is nostalgia. Remembering how awesome it was when the level cap was 20 and the servers were flooded...

Anyways enough rambling on. Straight to the point: I'm looking for a nice friendly guild to chill with. I'm located on the European server. I downloaded the game yesterday and was expecting to be able to play the whole evening, but of course there's a big, fat maintenance of 8 hours... Just my luck right?

So let me know if you're looking for new members! I'll be playing on my old-ass Scythe Evie which was, I believe, level 64 or so. I won't bother you with the question "what things have changed since I left" and "what's the current best class", I'll just look that up myself. I bet this forum gets flooded with questions like that.




  • SomeguywashereSomeguywashere
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    Might as well before it shuts down from EUS Anti lookbox laws
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    Might as well before it shuts down from EUS Anti lookbox laws

    no one really knows if game shuts down , they can simply not add gacha boxes anymore to keep things like they are