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Crossguns Hunting Party

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I still see Crossgun kais not using hunting party, yet every single move of crossgun kai gets sp even handbomb and one enhance perforate covers the cost of it, everything else is an massive amount of sp gain that you can put all of your actives on cooldown(playing optimal).

Side note 2 crossgun kais can keep up hunting party 100% of the time.

What would it take for people to think it isn't useless? attspeed buff with hunting party?
open to ideas, there isn't one single logical reason why not to use hunting party.


  • Arrow95Arrow95
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    I always use hunting party on my Kai (not just because it's helpful for the whole party but also makes my own DPS cycle so much smoother).
    But yes, I do notice I'm in the minorities regarding this. :(
    boo4u wrote: »
    not knowing when to use hunting party
    plus one skill not being use for them means a stress free life

    There's nothing I find stressful about it...I launch it whenever the cooldown for it is over, and it's just 180 SP, which takes like a fraction of a second to gather for Xgun Kais. :P
  • YagaminYagamin
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    I used to sometimes forget to use it, since kai wasn't main, then I put the skills onto the row below the row of hotkeys so I can see what's not on CD and never forget now. So that's a tip for those who simply just forget.

    But more concerning is that half the time I see xgun kais that don't break lugh... just 1 handbomb is needed.