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Fiona Specific titles?

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Since the wiki hasn't been updated and the inn is gone, does anyone know/have a complete list of all the Sword/Hammer/Shield specific titles? Thanks :-)


  • PhaliantPhaliant
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    Here it is! Self-made by me!

    Counter Attack Master : 0/500 (Counterattack Succesfully 500 times)

    Elegant Punisher : 0/35 (Defeat ennemies with Ivy Sweep 35 times)

    Long Hammer Bearer : (Mastery Skill. I guess?)

    Shield Basher : 0/500 (Use Shield Bash 500 times)

    Shield Deflector : 0/500 (Succesfully Deflect an attack 500 times using shield deflection)

    Strong As A Dam : 0/1 (Use SP Skill Shield Charge)

    The Amaranth : 0/1000 (Defeat ennemies using Amaranth Kick 1000 times)

    The Blossom : 0/1000 (Defeat ennemies using Blossom Blow 1000 times)

    The Butterfly : 0/1000 (Defeat ennemies using Butterfly Swing 1000 times)

    The Stigma : 0/1000 (Defeat ennemies using Stigma Hammer 1000 times)

    PS :

    Strong Supporter : 0/1 (Can be done by defeating Quiremigal with a kick - Amaranth Kick works according to description- so it's fiona related somehow?)
    Large Shield Wielder : ? (No Idea about this one but seems confusing. Description says we learned to block Giant Spider. Maybe related to Mastery skills?)
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    Thank you so much! <3