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is there a limit on unbinds?

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Can you unbind your weapon as often as possible or is there a limit?


  • CloakshireCloakshire
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    edited March 10, 2018
    There is a limit that's blatantly printed at the bottom of every weapon, armor piece, and accessory.

    "Remaining Bind Count: *insert # here* = remaining number of unbinds left.

    "This item is bound to this character" = perma bound.
  • RedTerraRedTerra
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    What is the number, if you know, for a Dullahan weapon? Is it even worth making another full OJ one to try and get it to 13 or if I have bad luck will it bind to me quickly?
  • ScheherazadeScheherazade
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    edited March 11, 2018
    If you mean you are planning on using Destruction Safeguard Runes, it's worth it, as its the only rune you can use beyond +11 atm. If it goes to 0 unbinds you can just yolo. Still better than fail right away and make a complete new weapon.
  • Sir_RenderSir_Render
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    occasionally they will release an item to give you back an unbind however it cannot be used after your unbind count hits 0