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Winter Golden Time Attendance Event

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Winter Golden Time Attendance Event:

Day 1: 7 Day Cadet Badge (Grants +600 DEF, +10 LUK)
Day 2: 5x Goddess Graces
Day 3: 1x Premium Armor Fusion Rune
Day 4: 1x Premium Weapon Fusion Rune
Day 5: 1x Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (Permanent)
Day 6: 5x Goddess Grace (Party)
Day 7: 25x Merc Recovery Potion Plus
Day 8: 1x AP 1000 Capsule
Day 9: 1x Lucky Enchant Box (Grants a random Rank 7-9 Enchant Scroll)
Day 10: 5x Divine Blessing Stones
Day 11: 1x Premium Enchant Rune
Day 12: 1x Premium Enhancement Rune
Day 13: 1x Lubber's Sketchy Enhancement Coupon
Day 14: 1x Lubber's Sketchy Quality Coupon Package



  • NoburoNoburo
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    I think they've been skipping out on timed giveaway events like this due to the volume of complaints, legitimate ones and phony ones trying to take advantage of staff, coming in such high volumes with them. It's also one of the lazier types of events that lots of us aren't fans of - all you need to do is leave your computer(s) on and pray the servers don't boot you.

    Golden Time events were great, but only because of the prizes they gave, not because the event itself was engaging at all. When people look at this with approval, they'll be looking at the prizes and saying "I want those items!", not "I can't wait to participate in Golden Time!".

    I'd rather we had these prizes as a guaranteed reward for something like a well planned Ultimate Objectives serverwide goals event.
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