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LWA Discord Server

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Welcome to the LWA Discord thread!

A short introduction on what this Server actually is:

When a large quantity of EU players repeatedly had issues with how TenKo lead his Server, our Jesus like figure named Gewelle brought us an Emergency Vessel.
That Emergency Vessel was initially called Vindictus EU. However, dark times were brought upon our lord and saviour Gewelle and he terminated the server without remorse.
During the big storm, one small Sweetie Bear came with an Emergency-Emergency Vessel.
All following along, the Emergency-Emergency Vessel was later renamed to Vindictus EU.
However, this did not last very long. Many members were bored of the sluggish content releases, moved on to different games.
The server changed - along with a new name and icon, a new Head Admin was needed.

And thus, the age of LWA was born.
The server is now well over a year old (Around 2 with the Gewelle Cuckening actually)
It's not a strict EU only server. We hold people from around the globe captive and are willing to trade for Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrency.

That's about it. This is LWA. A small, ever-so-loving and growing community of weird and special people.

Convinced? Or simply looking for a place to chill or spend your Cryptocurrency?
The head over and be overwhelmed by something only possible in your wildest imaginations!