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S> Frozen Dagger +2 crit *pic inside* SOLD

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edited February 11, 2018 in North American Marketplace Auctions

s.o. 300m / b.o. 350m

#1 c.o. 300m MorganaLeFae
#2 c.o. 310m dingalingg
#3 c.o. 315m MorganaLeFae
#4 c.o. 320m dingalingg
#5 c.o. 325m MorganaLeFae
#6 c.o. 330m dingalingg

SALE ENDS IN 2 DAYS! -Monday night-
Waiting finish bid battle to sell it to the highest offer.

I do not expect to reach the bo -more closer =better , OBVIUSLY-
I will set a deadline depending on the situation of the sale - number of buyers bidding, etc -
I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL THE SALE AT ANYTIME - in case of any eventual situation -

Thats all,

IGN: AimHack