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Ein Lacher Titles

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I was searching a list of Ein Lacher Titles that improves technic stat. I haven't succeeded.
So I decided to do it myself. As in EU server, I obtained yesterday:

all silver for raid battle := raid runner, +1 crit
all silver for all battle: +1 balance
no portion and knock out for raid battle: +1 balance
no portion and knock out for all battle: +1 balance

In case you want to take the challenge, my two cents:

- raid battle is in the sense of pre RISE. All battle that has limited venture is considered raid battle.
- As they are not considerably difficult, but more rewarding, one could prioritize raid battle.
- First pass aims for silver with no portion, then gold on the same day. Restart a raid battle is broken when you have already one run, but VIP helps. Try to finish on one day, because one tends to forget the attack pattern of specific boss. Catch up later will not be time efficient.


  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    Just press C and go to Achievement there u have all titles from ein lancher with obtainable stats
  • LinlinxiLinlinxi
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    Thanks Madcobra!
    I didn't know this piece of information. I do learn something about the titles. There are 27 raid + 43 normal. Some TW site suggests there are a total of 80 battles instead of 70. I guess it is just not true.

    I got gold medal on keaghan this weekend with Lynn. That was a moment after nearly 10 hrs trial.
  • BlueRappyBlueRappy
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    They will add 10 more battles to Ein Lacher from Korea.


    Very brief summary of the current secondary stats that are worth to get are:

    1) Golden God (no hit 70 battles) = +5 bal, +3 crit
    2) No potion and no deaths 70 battles = +3 bal , +1 crit
  • JeyemJeyem
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    Go for the no potion and deaths, then if ya can be arsed get a gold or two here and there. Its not like the game mode is going anywhere.