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Who has eaten the most gold from you?

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If you had to put a price on items destroyed from the Big 3, who would be the richest? For all argument's sake, assume the price of the item that it was when you attempted it. Feel free to post the item if you choose to share

My case would definitely go with Brynn because he hates me. ~20 enthus , 6 righteous, 5 silents, aboout 8 immorals, ~6 spirited, 50+ master, 2 judgements
  1. Who Has Stolen the most gold from you?36 votes
    1. Ferghus
       36% (13 votes)
    2. Brynn
       36% (13 votes)
    3. Videk
       28% (10 votes)


  • EnigmaTaroEnigmaTaro
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    Nexon's Hamsters.
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    That is a difficult question to answer because all 3 of them ate the most gold from me.
  • ScarrletttScarrlettt
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    I eat the most gold. Especially phoenix's. I love me some gldphoenix
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Ferg. I've blown up a lot more things with him that could have been sold as is than I've done so with Brynn. More tries + higher average cost per try, easily Ferg. Just getting to +8 with one of my weapons cost over 100m in Paradise Stones not to mention stupid amounts of dura pots.

    With Brynn I usually yolo the first enchant and only use a rune for the second. I also stopped buying super expensive scrolls. I either buy pre-enchanted, or I've bought when prices were low due to active population or things like the seal shop being in place. You can avoid a lot of the losses from Brynn; Ferg will rob you blind.
  • DownIoadDownIoad
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    Brynn is a scammer cause I strongly believe elixirs don't actually increase chances of success.

    Number 1 thief.

  • EbonwingsEbonwings
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    Videk. $!#@ him.
  • CyanetixCyanetix
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  • RakushuRakushu
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    gotta be brynn...all those elixirs that overfilled etc...
    nx for enchant runes too...
  • GldPhoenixGldPhoenix
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    DownIoad said:

    Brynn is a scammer cause I strongly believe elixirs don't actually increase chances of success.

    Number 1 thief.

    I'm pretty sure I'd have to agree, maybe the rate is fixed and they are just fooling us into using gold/farm items for elixirs
  • BoatGodBoatGod
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    the boat and carriage
  • Arrow95Arrow95
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    Ferghus so many times he trolled me by perma booming +14s and he took 588k in Ap of Restoreing