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Balor Runs

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Balor is the new redeemer that KR had go live recently, gonna post videos of each weapon type fighting the raid here. If you find something that's not here or a better run of a weapon type please leave it as a reply so I can add it! :) (Gonna limit the videos 1 per weapon)

Sword Lann [Solo]

Spear Lann [Solo]

Sword Fiona [Solo]

Hammer Fiona [NO VIDEO]

Scythe Evie [Solo]

Staff Evie [NO VIDEO]

Pillar Karok [Party]

Cestus Karok [Party]

Bow Kai [Party]

XGun Kai [Duo]

Sword Vella [Solo]

Chain Vella [Solo]

Sword Hurk [Solo]

Tiede Hurk [NO VIDEO]

Glaive Lynn [Solo]

Blute Lynn [Solo]

Spellsword Arisha [Solo]

Whip Arisha [NO VIDEO]

Sylas [Solo]

Delia [Solo]

Miri [Solo]