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Looking for Evie guide

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Thank you


  • NitroLuxNitroLux
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    staff or scythe?
  • GaiaxGaiax
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    NitroLux wrote: »
    staff or scythe?

    would like one for staff :D like how to do dmg (dmg rotation) and how to survive (anything like canceling casting and going straight into amber?)
  • NitroLuxNitroLux
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    While playing staff is quite easy, mastering it is totally on an other level.

    There is a very good guide made by SaintMage, but most of its content is now outdated :(

    I would recomment watching those parts:
    - Spell casting
    - continual focus
    - spell rotations
    you can safelly skip everything else.

    In the quest of trying to help an other staffie i also made a document explaining how to maximize dps, but that's far from complete

    If you play on EU feel free to wisper me (ign : NitroLux) otherwise there are plenty of other guys in NA that can help you :) @Yuria100
  • Yuria100Yuria100
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    ah didnt notice this, well better late then never. @Gaiax you can jsut read @NitroLux guide it has the overall dps rotation you wanna try using. I have a slightly different rotation that only benifits from high attack speed and party play. I use both this and the rotation you see in NitroLux guide.

    Also, even tho SaintMage guide is fairly dated, there still alot of info there that relevent. If you want, you can try your luck joining the evie discord and maybe you'll catch SaintMage when they hop on to chatch on that discord server. I also have a very simple overall guide for scythe. I'll go ahead and put step by step thing you should consider when optimizing dps.

    Very basic scythe dps guide I follow:
    1) 3-4 mark snap( uselly bloody thread, mark of death, and wisp. sometime adding the hp drain)
    2) Blink Smash is better when all hits land, if you can't land all hit(cus boss too small) second smash is better.
    3) if you cant continuely land 3-4 marks, boss runs away, or there some down time snap asap for optimal damage(make sure not ot snap when they ahve iframes) Then start the mark process from the start.
    4)cast gate + insane reaper at the same time
    5)spam void if you have excess sp