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Miri lacks in Flamebreath management

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I just reached level 90 with my Miri and i see more and more that Miris Flamebreath management suxx.
She is missing a spammable skill to gain Flamebreath. The only two sp skills generating flamebreath are kind of useless. One got 5 minutes cooldown, the other one got no i-frames and such a slow animation that its nearly impossible not to get hit by any attack if you are not fighting very slow bosses.

I could live with that if her normal combos would deal descent damage, but to be honest... her combos suck also. Slow anymation, low dmg and very low aoe...

It feels like something is missing. She should activate her Blazing Spine through a hit combo like vellas Typhoon Slash to regenerate Flamebreath in Combat...
Or maybe some extra smashes after llr or llllr

Her gameplay doesnt feel smooth to me. Gain SP, Transform in dragonform and after that... LRLRLRLRLR till enough Framebreath is gained to use again.

And why the hell are we losing our Hydra Buff while dodging? That makes no sense...


  • YagaminYagamin
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    Seems fine to me.

    70 SP waking on Blazing Spine + cat statue gives along with counter is enough of a loop to keep flamebreaths up.

    Blazing Spine has incredible range. If you abuse it, you don't need i-frames or speed. It's still faster than the LLLR and LLLLR combo of the other characters.

    You can block if you don't want to lose Hydra buff, but it doesn't seem to matter, the counter and flamebreath both restore enough stamina to keep attacking non-stop even without Hydra.

    For me the gameplay is generally cat stat, camp, 3-4 chainswing, a few LR, counter, cat, 3-4 chainswing, counter, trans, RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (with some tabs, mostly careful positioning with WASD though), 3 chainswing, cat, counter, Blazing Spine , 3+ chainswing, counter, Blazing Spine , 3+ chainswing, counter, Blazing Spine , 3+ chainswing, counter, Blazing Spine , 3+ chainswing, counter, etc. Slice and Dice if I need a flinch like in Siglint otherwise I save for the end as a finisher. I rarely need to spam LRLRLRLR with cat.

    EDIT for Miri nerf:
    Can't RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR any more, you need stamina now so you need to counter a few times during Garb.
    Also if you go for Paw instead of Cat (better for fast battles, for more info see this: http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/comment/55219/#Comment_55219), the gameplay is generally like this:
    Paw, Scorching Streak [ 3+ chainswing if 5 stack go LR for SP instead until the boss attacks, counter it ] repeat this. Garb when there's 30 sec or less cd left on Paw. [ chainswing spam until around a third stamina left then look for a good timing to counter ] repeat this. [ 3+ chainswing until the boss attacks, counter it, blazing spine if you need flamebreath, don't need LR much now unless part is weak and battle is long ] repeat this.
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    She'd skyrocket in dps if her flame was anymore