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Did story/levels get added or changed recently?

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I wasn't sure where to post this, I checked the news and story parts of the forums for answers first.

But I haven't played in a few months, logged on and saw the servers were merged and all that seems cool. So I logged on my little level 20 Delia to re-learn the game and there's a quest I've never heard of before and it's not even on my map. The only quest I have right now is "Awakening." It was there when I logged on but I've played several characters to above level 60 and never seen it before. And it says to talk to Nyle to receive the quest if I don't have it. But when I go talk to Nyle, he doesn't have anything to say. When I right click the name of the quest, it even says "error- quest does not exist". I took a screenshot but i'm not sure how to upload it. I don't know how to progess.

But since I was stuck, I figured I'd log on to my level 87 Vella because I still wanted to play. The last time I was on, I had just beaten Braha. But now, only Ben Chenner is unlocked, I can't get back to where Braha is, and even Regina's raid is red and unavailable. I clicked on it and it acts like I hadn't completed it even though I ran it SEVERAL times. The quest I have now is Braha again, but it says I can't get to it because I'm not level 90. I'm ok with grinding to level 90...not so ok with having to repeat everything inbetween Regina and Braha. And REALLY confused on what's going on here.

I saw a few posts about the storyline quest Twilight Princess not being available and was wondering if this was related? How did anyone get that fixed?