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Which AMD processor for Vindictus?


  • ReziRezi
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    Although I'm completely done with this game and this discussion was over last month, I just wanted to point this out:



    If Ryzen 5 2400g is susceptible to spectre, then Ryzen 3 2200g likely is as well.

    Although no variant of Meltdown has yet been found, tests still indicate that the currently known Meltdown does not affect these processors.

    However, AMD showed absolutely no effort in postponing the APUs until a solution was found to Spectre. So if you're going to shell out money for an APU that'll last you 5-10 years, you should wait until AMD releases one without Spectre vulnerability. If you're okay with spending ~$169 for an APU you're going to replace with another in a couple years, then go ahead.
  • LeXicOLeXicO
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    edited February 15, 2018
    Spectre has already been patched for amd back in January... unlike meltdown spectre can be patched by software/firmware updates. Meltdown is a design flaw and last I checked Intel was trying to patch it with software and caused even more problems with people's pc's, haven't checked for awhile to see if they were able to fix meltdown with software or not, but it was originally thought not to be fixable by software because it is a hardware based problem.

    Meltdown is far more serious requires no physical access to the pc and as far as I know will be in the next 2 generations of cpus that Intel will roll out.

    Intel also has the amt security issue which only takes 30 seconds for one to hack into your laptop and gain full control of it.. Not sure what Intel is doing at the moment, but they need to get with it.. Glad I switched from Intel to amd when I did. I definitely feel safer at the moment.
  • Shadowcity2Shadowcity2
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    It’s funny how you manage to find those articles but fail to find stuff like this:



    Lawsuits are hitting both companies, but this was expected. Both companies are not going to stop releasing new products because the vulnerabilities have been patched with software.

    I don’t know why you hate AMD so much but if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have 6 core CPUs on the mainstream platform.