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Christmas/Holiday decorations

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edited December 10, 2016 in Suggestions and Feedback
I realize that it's too late to have any affect on this year, but I'm hoping it will for next year. I cannot stand how Colhen, Rocheste and the boats look during this Holiday season! It is so bad that I couldn't make myself play much last year at this time.

I don't get how you can do so unbelievably awesome for Halloween and just completely tank for Christmas/New Years. The amount of festive decorations have been so poor during this time, and the snow has made it look blustery. If you do snow, why can't it be a Winter Wonderland with fluffy white snow banks? Why can't there be tons of strung up lights and ribbons? Wreaths?

I'll suffer through this year for any event that might come, but my playtime won't be much until the muddy, blustery look is gone.