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2nd Weapon - Share your thoughts

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Share your thoughts on which weapon would you like to see and what you think they will bring.

I don't have any specific preference, but my bet would in a chinese martial weapon, and a specific one, the Three-Staff


  • arkaine757arkaine757
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    Ok i can't edit this properly so i'll have to use this second post.

    Biggest difference in gameplay if compared to glaive?
    I can see Lynn hitting multiple enemies with this thing.
    The downside would be in solo, maybe due your lack of damage if compared to glaive, or maybe loss of mobility, etc

    OK, what i don't wanna see something like this, a serpent sword look like.

    That's not realistic, which is a bitt odd, because i'm demanding reality in a game where you can talk to dragons, but that's a subject for another thread.

    What you want to see? What are you expecting from Devcat? Also what you don't want to see?
    Share your thoughts down below.
  • HoshinakiHoshinaki
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    I kind of like the idea of having claws for Lynn like these:


    Maybe the size of these could be toned down a bit, but I feel like claws would suit Lynn well. Since she's small and her combat is highly influenced from eastern martial arts, I think claws would compliment those features well. I thought that since she has a skill named, "Jade Fox," Devcat could expand on that to give her kind of that fox appearance. I know the original name in Korean isn't "Jade Fox," but I thought that concept would be great (I just secretly want to complete my kitsune (fox) cosplay on my Lynn).

    What I don't want to see for her second weapon is a katana


    Don't get me wrong, I really like the katana, but I feel it would be strange to have a katana category when there are katana-like weapons already in the game, like the Infinity Twin Swords, or Destiny Blade. Even some of Arisha's spellblades resembles a katana.

    Those are just my thoughts, what does everyone else think?
  • NoburoNoburo
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    I'd really like them to make more striking weapons for the game, so something along the lines of what you have in the op looks cool to me. I just don't have a lot of ideas for a fantasy video game-y moveset it would have, and I feel like that's why they tend more towards swords when making new characters. Hard to make a moveset that could believably harm a dragon when it's a blunt weapon with less weight to it than a hammer, especially this one which seems more designed to deal with non-armoured humans.

    If it has to be a bladed weapon, an oversized ringblade (jolly mode Tira!) or claws/katars would pretty much be guaranteed to have beautiful attack animations, one of the things I like the most about Lynn right now.

    Things I don't want are steampunk or mostly magic-driven weapons. Maybe magic assisted caesti/punches and kicks, but not big ol' backpack powered sockem boppers like what Kiva had.
  • BreadmanBreadman
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    No. More. Blades.
  • KourinKourin
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    Give her a staff so I can cosplay a genderbender Monkey King with her.
  • UviaUvia
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    I guess 2nd wep will be ranged and "dual" so why not battle fans idea

    p.s. imo claws wont fit her appearance at all

  • MochiSweetMochiSweet
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  • OkatsuOkatsu
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    This is a character I wanna see get a 2nd weapon mainly cause I feel like it would be such a drastic change from glaive that it would be cool to see.
    The only problem I see is that this character is extremely small so to give her something like Tonfa or Claws they couldn't really give her realistic range. Compared to Karok with the only hand2hand weapon in the game and can do so because of his stature. Lynn already struggles with range using a pole arm weapon. This factor and also her lore of being the only confirmed eastern world character heavily limit her weapon pool and giving her something like a bo staff would yield minor changes to what she currenty has.

    I also don't like the idea of claws because the way sword Vella fights it's basically if she were using claws. She's heavily resembles characters like X-23.
    A chakram is really the only weapon I could see her wielding, she could be similar to Tira in soul calibur, fighting somewhat like a melee sylas using spins and acrobatics.
    Lynn, in my opinion, is the best and most thought out hero devCat has come up with. Everything is pretty unique; from her damage mechanics all the way down to her graceful animations she just oozes character. Too see her get some attention would be nice.
  • MenrvaMenrva
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    Martial artist, uses punches, kicks, and ki to fight.

    Kamehameha or Asura Strike as a Lynn. Make it happen.
  • TabbedTabbed
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    Give her a Fighting Fan with knives attached to it or a Parasol.
  • LaharLahar
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    Something martial arts kicking base would be interesting. Or twin daggers.
  • Order5Order5
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    This subject is pretty icky in my mind...

    1) I'd love to see more blunt weapons like a mace or flail, but I think conceptually Lynn is more of a technical fighter than brute strength type. Nunchucks are more fitting, especially if it's like the 3-staff that can double up as another kind of weapon.

    2) From a gameplay point of view, Lynn needs a really strong contrast to her current glaive style that doesn't overlap with other characters. I've always thought the chu ko nu (repeating crossbow) would be a strong choice because it would give Lynn a ranged combat style as opposed to her in-and-out poke style, and it has eastern origins. However, the combat style might overlap with Kai's bow and crossgun, which we don't need with scythe Evie already encroaching on Lynn's glaive territory.
  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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    what lynn needs is...

    double gauntlet weapon


    just turn lynn into a broken monster plz
  • RizzleRizzle
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    I cant tell if any of you are taking this seriously, or seriously trying your best to be trolls.
    But -
    Tonfas. tonfagirl.jpg