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edited December 24, 2017 in Bug Reporting
Sometimes with a complete second game in the Background maps like S3 Raids and RAR are laged to death sometimes.
clicking to often the REFRESH BUTTON Shows nearbe every hosted game double in the list. (see Pic)
Spams up to 3 times hosted game into list
other side effects of the backgrounding - nearbe every acount get echos of look like an hacked acount
u can have the Name of the Players at a map double in the list
u can have names of Player a round before in ur list
u can have Players from before everytime with u in the list
u can have Fake Reward Messages like everything rewareded 8888
u can have the pics of the Players before for the People to add them to friend list
Backgrounding lags the MP down to death
ist not really possible to enhance or enchant while this gag is online, u get Fails in a row everytime
so u have to retart the whoole game insteat of Login out
U have to click the Grace Button several times without responce
it bug shits sometimes Players controls also (My Evie snips then after every attack with her fingers around)
SOMETIME A UNCENSORED CHAT IS EVEN TOO ONLINE THEN ( u can type every blame there in)
and sadly ist for all Player at the hosted game the same Situation with a lot of old Bugs (HACKSHIT LOOKIN LIKES (HELLO IM THERE GAGS))