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I'm mainly posting for those who are entering Ben chenner for the very first time, as I have seen many new players fall before they are given a chance to even fight back.

So as you are aware Season 3 brings many different mechanics that are different from Season 1 and Season 2, including the Unblockable mechanic.

I'll explain each one in detail if you plan on being a Ben chenner farmer, and keep this in mind at all times.

Weakening Curse: A curse that will debuff the player with a balance and defense reduction as soon as the boss spawns.
While level 1 may be a little threat with losing 5 balance and 1,000 defense in the process, it will intensify overtime, eventually getting to level 5 and draining your health per second. The curse will intensify when the previous curse hits the 7 second marker, stacking the debuff with each level with level 5 making you lose 25 balance and 5000 defense, along with your health being slowly drained.

Curse of Destruction: A curse exclusive to Ekindus, Barchdus, Thanthanus, and Epedemius D. This curse will drain 2,000 attack rating and 1,000 defense per level, with level 5 draining 10,000 attack and 5,000 defense along with slowly sapping your HP away. This curse can be a real threat if you let it stack, as it barely lets you do any damage to the boss, while it will consecutively hit harder as the debuff intensifies. Like the weaking curse, it will intensify at the 7 second mark of the previous curse.

How to lift the curse: The curse will be lifted if you smash the boss twice with objects, or blinding it with lights of palala, having it being hit with a small bomb or sticky bomb, being impaled by spears, or tripped over with a chain hook (also works with chain blade vella). However, some secondary weps are more accurate than others.

Casting: Every now and then the boss will wave his hands up to cast a spell. This will differentiate on every run, giving the boss a unique property. The following are the spells I found.

Ethernal Mine: the boss's hands will glow blue and a wave of ethernal energy will appear right below your feet. as soon as it appears, you have to dodge it out of the way.

Ethernal cannon: The bosses hands will glow green, and a super charged form of the Warlock's Ether Cannon will spawn and chase the player down. Just to a diagonal left dodge and you should get away with no trouble.

Ethernal Chaser: The bosses hands will glow teal, and 3 Spheres of energy will spawn around and protect the boss from close ranged attacks. If you are within the range, these spheres will chase you down and eventually explode, causing a mini area of effect.

Ethernal Taint: The boss's hands will glow purple and cause purple goop to spawn around your feet. This can briefly stun you and deal tick damage over time should you get caught in the tainted area.


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    Appreciate bringing this back from old forums. Thought I lost this.