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Pillar best DPS combo?

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in Karok
Which combo would do highest DMG using Pillar?
Not looking at the factor whether the boss is sandbag or not, just the best DMG output combo in shortest time.


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    You have 3 options depending on the situation and how much the boss is moving. The biggest problem about dps is hitting air .

    Hands down the best thing you can do is Roll>lion crash +blitz(for buff)>E>Warslams(preferebly 5 times)>DropKICK (hits 2 times/can be canceled in blitz)(changes buff to mamoth)>E>Warslams>DropKick and so on . This is simply the best and you need to manage stamina with whirlwind and compass.
    If the boss is a "biach" like glas for instance you'll be missing alot of hits and therego lose damage then you can go for simpler things like :

    Lion form (it doesnt batter how you achieve it) E >Warslams(max4 so you can have the att speed buff) >E > Warslams -The dps is like 10-15 % lower then the best combo above but consider you are allways in lion form for stamina and you actually stay at one place and hit the boss with everything.You can also cancel warslams with drop kick or E if need be for some absorb.

    The third way is simply going the mammoth route LLLRR(RR-optional low dmg but good absorb frames)(while in lion form) and just spamming it .Thats the safest way cuz you have all the options open in every situation and you can absorb like crazy if need be. Dmg per second should be 1 idea behind just spaming E+Warslams

    Obv it depends on your items and so on. Add dmg +Remove limiter blow every combo out of proportion and is dificult to compare.As a karok you need to fight nonstop to keep up with everyone else so just use whatever lets you hit the most percentage of the time. (att speed helps alot to stay alive while comboing xD but thats true for every hero)
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    Require a bunch of attack speed, but you should do this combo in rhino form, as you see from 1:43 in video.