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Attack Speed and Miri

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edited December 14, 2017 in Miri
I'm here wondering if there a huge loss in investing too much on attack speed. Is there a cap like get 80 attack speed and then put everything else on crit or does her gain from attack speed drop lower then 80 like maybe around 70 attack speed.

Just want to know how good is attack speed for her, is it like scythe evie where more att spd the better or like Arisha where you want to hit a certain point then stop and start working on other stats.


  • MisterWhiskersMisterWhiskers
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    your dps depends on how much flamebreath you have

    0 atk speed refills 1 flamebreath in ~7 sec
    60 atk speed refills in ~5.5 sec

    I think the most important stat is crit,since critical hits give more SP.More SP means you can spam the active which refills flamebreath.
  • Yuria100Yuria100
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    ah yeah i wasnt aware of that so att spd does help a bit in that reguard
  • BladeXAngelBladeXAngel
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    that's interesting...

    currently at 80 atk spd, with 1 enthu, can put on another enthu but that's only 5 bal, need 3 more to put on 1 last fast but i just don't see where 3 can come from...i'll have to lose 4 crit (by infusion)+1 crit+4 crit res+500 def (from expedition to enthu)...doesn't sound very appetite to me...