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Arxis' Youtube Channel - 0 Hit Solos

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Hey everyone, I'm a Spear Lann main who does 0 hit solos of the bosses in Vindictus. I've posted a few single videos on this Streams and Videos forum section as individual posts, but I decided to post all my future videos here from now on. Greatsword Hurk is my 2nd main character behind Spear Lann, so I plan to upload a lot of 0 hit solos for Greatsword Hurk as well. 0 Hit solos for other characters are considered in the future. However, my current interest in doing 0 hit for are Spear Lann and Greatsword Hurk at the moment.

Please do subscribe! I'm thankful for every 1 subscriber I earn.

0 Hit Solos Completed (Most recent to oldest)
- Succubus Queen
- Dullahan (1 Hit from specter)
- Juggernaut
- Pantheum
- Havan (5 feet damage >:O)
- Zecallion
- Iset
- Eochaid
- Lugh Lamhfada
- Lord Glas Ghaibhleann
- Regina