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Any way to compare weapons ?

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Hello I play the game casually so I've been looking for ways to reach the requirement for Dullahan.

I've been carried in one run (oh my god I was useless) in order to craft the stuff (much cheaper in general...) and with the new enhancement stones for lvl 90 I don't know what to do anymore XD

I heard Vindictus Armory has been shutdown thanks to Nexon or w/e but I still need to find a way to know which one is better

+11 Purple Dullahan Weapon OR +13 Orange Regina Weapon ? The answer may be obvious due to Additionnal Damage being the new OP stat, but it's not for me XD I wanna do Dullahan, Aes Sidhe, Arcana etc :/ Technically +11 Dullahan got better stats, but does it beat +13 ORange Regina ADD damage ?


  • AbaddanAbaddan
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    +13 is far better. Honestly it's probably still better than a +12 dulla. Besides the Add dmg you also get a lot more atk spd. Besides Kai that's a pretty important thing to have.
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    Additional Damage is the most "OP" when you are ATT capped for the raid you are in.
    For this reason, +13 lvl 90 will greatly outperform +11 lvl 95 on the majority of the current content.

    But since you're also looking into Aes Hithe and Arcana, the oncoming raids...
    Their ATT cap I believe is something like 31k?
    The further below you are from ATT cap, the less efficient Additional Damage becomes.
    So then your priority over additional damage would be hitting that ATT and crit cap (unless you can already hit 31k with your lvl 90, but I'm guessing you're not one of them :D ).

    I've already experienced on my own where a higher enhance lvl 90 would outperform a lower enhance lvl 95 on 23k cap raids, yet the opposite is observed in the Dullahan raid.

    So for now I'd say make the +13 lvl 90 weapon first, then work on +11~+12 lvl 95 weapon later, when/if you feel the need (right now it's just too expensive).
  • ikeviikevi
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    Only weapon I would say go for +11 dul would be swords for lann. The rest as the folks say a +13 lv 90 is better.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    If you can read Korean go for it. Translate won't work for the internal menus and the dev apparently quit work on the English translation. Should be up to date enough to give a pretty good idea for those who can read, though. Updates stopped in the middle of last month.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    You might be interested in these:

    I keep them updated. Enhancement chances may be incorrect, since they cannot be previewed in game. According to community experience over the months, the rates are likely the same as from Rise update test server (lower from/past +13).
  • AxxonAxxon
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    Thanks for all the inputs. I will keep my Regina staff Orange, upgrade it to +13 and work on my enchants !

    I will work on a dullahan armor instead since I'm way too casual to have more than my weapon in the orange side of things XD

    As for my scythe, I will see since it's just a purple Regina.