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Newbie, Diffusion Shift (Arisha) Question.

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I accidentally unlocked Diffusion Shift last night; before I read that once unlocked I would not be able to recall my mana crystal anymore, that instead I would now warp to the location of the Crystal. I've played enough games with some form of Shadow Step mechanic to see that this could be very useful at times, especially at higher levels; but I did not Equip it to my quick bar; and hey! I was still able to recall my Crystal; which I was very happy about. I've become quite adept really at recalling it through a pack of Mobs and Exploding it as it pass them by; if the crystal is in the red zone it pretty well kills anything my level at the time. I've killed 6, 8 mobs at once this way.

My question is, Does Diffusion Shift only work if its on the Quick bar? Or is it the case that once I equip it on the Quick bar I'll permanently loose the ability recall the crystal and thus use my Mana Bomb Trick? Your thoughts. TY.