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Edited Pictures

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edited December 6, 2016 in Fan Media
I finally got back into the game after awhile after seeing a few of the vindi screenshot wins haha. These won't win because they're edited LOL! Well anyways moving on to the pictures I'm an amateur photographer/videographer so after getting a new editing program I played around with a couple of my vindi screenshots! It's a work in progress but also a learning experience! Editing video screen shots are probably a bit more tedious rather than what I actually shoot with a camera but all in all I think they turned out okay.

IGN - CaramelD

Zecallion's Wrath
photo Zecallion Edit_zpsc533uxyr.jpg

Fiona's Iron Defense
photo Sucuubus Edit 2_zpsafpoxjsf.jpg

Malina is saved
photo Malina Saved_zpsg6mcpvan.jpg

A Dark Knight's Destruction
photo Dark Knight kill_zpschvnhmvv.jpg

Paladin's True Power
photo Paladin Kill 2_zpskk723qpy.jpg

IngKells has fallen!
photo Ingkells Edit_zpsitevaj2r.jpg

Thanks for looking!