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We could really use a dye event.

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edited December 6, 2016 in General Discussion
With the winter even coming up, I'm sure we'll probably get the event that floods the market with red, white, and green dyes, but we could really use an event that just gives dyes that are tradeable on the MP.
  1. What kind of dye event would you be interested in?40 votes
    1. Sale in the NX shop
       5% (2 votes)
    2. Grindy event, but free dyes
       85% (34 votes)
    3. I don't want a dye event
       10% (4 votes)


  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    Definitely, my inventory is full of experimentals I've been accumulating and they're all colors I'm just "meh" about.
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    Dye event would be nice, and it would be golden if we have a chance to get the Avatar version of a lot of Clodagh dye. Where is 17 72 9 Avatar, 230 190 138 Avatar, etc etc?
  • ArellaRothArellaRoth
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    edited December 7, 2016
    I'm still waitin' for a sale on avatar dyes in the depot so I can try for 193 137 146 pink again lol It'd be nice if I could grind for them instead.
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    Whatever happened to that Christmas gift event? Where you have to destroy environmental items in order to get those gifts that had 230/230/230 whites, greens and red dyes?
  • KiruaKirua
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    You might want to take a look to my Christmas Update Feedback :