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My characters are being forced to name change

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I had logged in about 2 months ago, and play vindictus on and off. However, after the migration happened a lot of my characters have we_(old character name) and when I try to log them it's forcing me to name change not allowing me to use its original name. Why is it that I can not have my characters name?


  • KarijunaKarijuna
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    They merged east, west and australia together into one server. Since that means that there will be multiple characters with the same name, those who happened to be duplicates need to get their names changed.
  • AiriiaAiriia
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    I have the same problem, except no matter what name i try to change it to it won't let me
  • NishikiNishiki
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    I was so depressed it was making me change my Vella's name that I deleted her all together :( I wish it was easy to just pick a name like Flamegurl102273 and not care
  • iiClaymoreiiClaymore
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    Did you guys ever figure this problem out?