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AP Farming pre 90

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I'm a new player, but it seems pretty clear already that AP is more important than level in terms of the power of ones toon. Im only about Lv 20 just now but I could easily spend 1000 AP if I had it available. Any thoughts on the best way to farm AP for a new player would be most welcome. I'm not so concerned about level. taking my time with the content; but, of course, I want to have as much power as possible when meeting that content. Thanks again BB.


  • LumenarcLumenarc
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    I remember the old Nightmare at the Ruins AP farm from forever ago, but I'd recommend either getting up to S2 raids (probably level 80), or if you want more AP as you level, battles tend to give diminishing AP as you battle them more and more, so you could repeat battles you've done before until they no longer give enough AP that you find worth it.

    If you do the S2 raids, you can pick an choose, or do them all. You can run them 6 times per day, for this event (or 7 if you have VIP). Running each of them 6 times a day would net you 3,000 AP.

    If you have VIP (you can find VVIP capsules on the market, or you can buy a VIP 2 day capsule from Ernmass in the Colhen Inn) then you could make 5,250 AP per day. I think the VIP capsule is either 500 or 1000 AP, so you could make it back quickly.

    I think I saw you mention in a previous post that you're an Arisha (same here! yaaay!) For her to have all her skills maxed costs about 108k AP if I recall.

    Hope this helps, have fun!
  • Blackbirdx61Blackbirdx61
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    I'm sure it will thanks much. : ) BB
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    Ima new member & I see above that both Blackbirdx61's & Luminarc's number of postings haven't changed from respectively 27 & 7 after multiple postings occurring after the previous thread "Farming Goddess Grace". What am I missing?