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Lv90 armor box unusuable

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in Lynn
So i recently just got my Lynn to 90 and got the lv90 package but now Lynn is pretty much unplayable, the set i received from the box (regina - all plate part) make her unplayable as i spend most of the fight trying to regen my stamina than actually be able to land a hit so i pretty much have to fall back on my lv80 armor (noblesse set heavy/plate) with the 90 weapon to be able to do any fight.
Am i missing / messed up something or nexon just gave a random set of +10 without actually bothering to know if it'd be of any use?


  • Order5Order5
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    I think you might just need practice as Lynn or against those enemies you are struggling against...or pick a different class as a last resort. Lynn is designed to be an in-and-out character, so slow and steady wins the battle anyway.

    Unless there's something special about your level 80 gear, the +10 Regina that you were provided is better. Attack Speed and Stamina are really the only stats that determines whether Lynn is playable (ATT, BAL, and Crit just determine if you can complete a mission within the time limit).

    For ordinary fights, you only need about 12-18 attack speed (dependent on Lynn height) to be able to perform Fishtail or Mantis before the boss hits you, while for most raids 21-27 attack speed. The weapon you were provided should give you this minimum attack speed.

    If you are just sticking to the boss using Windstep combos, then Rank 9 Stamina Mastery should give you enough stamina to miss twice and still pull off 10 Swift Assassins before having to pull out to recharge stamina.
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    As I remember -- characters under level 90 get a buff that increases your stamina. Once this buff is gone you might struggle with stamina management because at the same time you lose the buff you get a higher enhanced weapon with higher speed (higher speed = faster stam runs out).

    The best item to have is an accessory with the Berserker enchant applied. It really should be included in the standard gear provided but unfortunately it is not. If you already have an accessory with that enchant then max out your stamina mastery skill. I can't imagine the difference in armor has much to do with stamina management. The gear you receive for free has enduring on the chest. At most there is a difference of 5-10 stamina between the two sets? Equip each and see how it changes the number on your green stamina bar.