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S> Pre-RISE Premium Rookie Tunic & Pants

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I will not be bumping this thread. So assume that this is an ongoing sale until I edit the thread to indicate otherwise.
I don't play anymore, and I've stopped logging in regularly. Therefore, you're just going to have to post here, message me, and/or mail Suwaya in-game and hope I randomly check at some reasonable time.

For those few individuals who want the old version of Premium Rookie Tunic & Premium Rookie Pants that are no longer obtainable. Note that Premium Rookie Boots remain unchanged and you can get them for free from Clodagh.

Premium Rookie Tunic - 3,500,000g
Premium Rookie Pants - 3,500,000g

You're really just paying for the Armor Fusion Rune (500k) and three Unbind Potions (3m).
Comparison between old and new Premium Rookie items below: