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why did they make the game so easy ?


  • DeathWolfXXDeathWolfXX
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    Coming back to the game on a level 70 character- I do appreciate that I don't need to beg for help to clear S1-S2 raids for story progression. I don't appreciate how easy they are to solo, though. Even with the free gear and a few enhancements They were just too easy. Way too easy. If anything, there should be 3 difficulties for old content: Normal (current), Hard (Still doable but not face-tankable), and Hero (90)
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    Everything feels like a heated knife cutting through butter. It's no doubt that they are trying to appeal to newer players giving them a more motivated mind set rather than have them struggle in a hard mode run just to get more loot and exp but always fail or maybe some just are looking for other new players to do content with but can't because the game is lacking new players, hell I know some people left because they got tired grinding for materials for their next set of armor or weapon which is fine I understand that part of the deal but it did take the sense of accomplishment away.

    Having to go through all of s1 and s2's missions felt real dull and lacking to the point where I'm just ignoring the storyline just to hit these levels fast which in the end doesn't feel like I actually did anything, like where's the challenge? True you could argue that s3 does start to get real difficult I can be happy about that, but what about those other 2 seasons? You'd think you'd feel something good after finishing a whole 2 seasons, nah instead your armors are given to you and now you're like 2/3rds of the way to the level cap. These 2 seasons had a good feeling into them, taking my time to really understand why I do all these missions and what the lore of the game is, they made me feel like I just keep on getting stronger every bit of the way knowing all these little details but now it feels like the royal army and the coffer chasers are sending me out to do a chore.

    I do not like the fact that all my stuff will just be given to me through a single breathe (well not "just", of course I have to do some little petty things), however it also feels redundant to have finally collected all the materials I needed to craft a new set but end up needing to craft the next level armor set anyways because all that grinding for mats came with a side of exp. It wasn't perfect but it taught us what mats we should keep and what we don't need, hell I could just sell the armor i crafted for anyone lazy enough to get the mats but then another problem comes up; some of the newer players that can't afford it and some people like to overprice things, but this part is just a whole other issue for a different thread.

    My point is to me it felt like they were holding you're hand until you hit level 30 and now you'd have to do a bit more thinking with how many mats you need or
    where the break offs where and all that struggling jazz, but it was fun and you learned a lot from it even if you failed the missions, now it feels they're holding you until level 70 and gifting you with sets that get replaced quicker than it use to be. Reaching level 70, hell even 60, felt really good to get to because of what you had to face to get there, but reaching it this quickly felt almost like nothing and it feels like I don't know anything giving me the impression that I haven't reached anywhere near the 'main course' of the game if that make sense. I can still enjoy the game as it is but it's no doubt that a lot of the fun has gone away, even the small things.
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    Probably the same reason it happens in alot of online games, the reverse pyramid where there is a lack of partying for those players.
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    It is a dying game, gotta keep that in mind at least
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    A Question and a Comment.
    Q: The Wiki seems Quite out of Date, no mention at all of an Easy Mode. https://vindictus.gamepedia.com/Battle_Quest_Difficulty#Easy_Mode_Battle_Quests
    What are the official modes of this game today. (19Nov 17).

    Comment: As an experienced MMO Player, not Vindi though; Devs you got to give us a hard mode; or even a reasonably difficult normal mode please don't underestimate your Audience/Players. I think new players to Vindi will be more experienced MMO players who want to give Vindi a try, than absolute beginners who have to be hand held through the content. Most beginners will be kids chasing the latest shinyest object on tv, and will be chasing the new star wars game or something in heavy rotation.

    Even so by lv 10 or so its time to start taking the training wheels off. I reached the prairie today , supposedly Lv 30 content, a pack of about 6 Gnolls ran up to me. As an experiment I did nothing for about a minute, in that time one Gnoll took a swing at me with his mace and did like 1% damage, otherwise they just stood there snarling, waiting to get killed! Seriously? That's Lv 30 content in normal mode? Who thought such nonsense was a good idea? I still play GW1 socially, I have friends there; and in that game even the Lowliest Charr will give killing you his very best effort, every time, and that what I want; what I think most players of Action games want, whats the challenge, whats the fun in slaughtering so many cyber-cattle

    Now Im no elite by anyone's definition, but there is a difference between casual and catatonic guys. I Honestly I wish the content to Lv 20 was a lot more challenging, or I had a more challenging option button to sharpen my skills on after the first try at a reasonable level of difficulty. You give your players some magnificent weapons, how do you not get you have to challenge us with foes worthy of those weapons! Your present system gives the player no chance to develop there skills for if/ when, they reach season three and I understand the content finally becomes more challenging.

    You can get this right guys, but you seem to have forgotten that taking candy from babies engenders no sense of accomplishment. Players will soon get bored and leave; and meaningless titles for doing nothing will not change that, God I have like 14 Titles already for basically breathing, Thats not what players want folks; If you want your players to stay, and pay, you have to challenge them, give them a foe that takes some skill to overcome, then they will want to play, they'll want to beat that B'stard ! I remember two weeks just beating a Dragon named Rotscale with Prophecies only skills in GW1; why do I remember that after 6 or so years, because it was hard, it was an accomplishment worth remembering. Give us the chance to do something worth remembering.

    Challenging your players, that does not mean crush them like bugs, but there has to be a sane middle ground between Harmless, and bionic thumbs required.
    Heck games have been doing this since Tekken, which had like 10 levels? There are more options than, lame and just nuts evil. And while we are at it, Please tier access to hard mode, assuming you bring it back. With a Lv 90 cap A player could take a while to complete the story, and personally I've no interest in blitz leveling a game the first time though. So please let us access hard/ hero mode, . As you complete a mission or at least a quest hub. You can keep the record in the appdata, and no doubt you would so its not a lot of spam at your end for the server to handle it can all be done by the client on the users computer.

    I'm Honestly starting to think I downloaded Vindi a year too late because the game I thought I was getting has been nerfed beyond recognition. If this was done to encourage new players to join and stay with Vindi, take it from this new player, you've made a huge mistake, and have taken a giant step in the wrong direction; but there is still time to reverse course. I suggest you do so as soon as possible, so as to not ruin the experience of any new players drawn into to check out the new mercenary.

    The code must still be there, so please re-implement the pre Rising difficulty scheme, and stop infantilizing your players. We are not babies, certainly players of anything as dark as Vindi are not babies, we don't need to be walked through the bad neighborhood baby step by baby step our tiny hands firmly held by Daddy

    Nuff said, I dont mean to ramble but hopefully someone in development is listening.

    EnigmaTaro wrote: »
    Endgame players got better things to do than helping new players, so yeah, devcat had to redesign the early content to make it suitable for solo play through to keep new players motivated. They even made enchant/ enhance restricted to higher levels to prevent player exploits improve player experience.

    In GW2 NC soft implemented a system where a player could adopt a "Commander" tag, so experienced players that choose to can lead Hero Point trains, World boss events, WvW zergs and Raids, now I know Vindi is much more heavily instanced than Vindi, but giving players that wish to some visible identifier that says newbie friendly, and maybe some titles/credit to collect in return for their time and trouble, or waive the 1 +90 per day Dungeon Limit for those sporting a commander tag so they can teach newbies the harder dungeons.

    It might well serve both communities better. I can tell you for a fact the system has been a huge success and one of the best ideas ever implemented in GW2.

    Your thoughts. BB

    My apologies for the lateness of this reply, but I have been editing and reediting this post for at least 10Days, the message at the top of the page says please give the Moderators 24 hours to approve, but those appear to be Galactic Standard hours, or 1/24th a rotation of the Milky Way.

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