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Ein Lacher & Farhorn Update (Official Changes)

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[Ein Lacher]

It is official that 'Golden God' title and its bonus stats will NOT be affected after the Ein Lacher update. You will keep the titles and its stats that already have been obtained. There will be total of 80 battles in Ein Lacher. Additionally, there will be total of 7 new titles obtainable through Ein Lacher update including 'Bronze Light', 'Silver Light', and 'Golden Light'. Bonus stats from new titles are +1 AGI, +1 WIL, +21 ATT/M.ATT.

[Farhorn Expedition]

New items have been added to the Relic Points Exchange Shop:

- 15,000 points: Ancient Title Selection Box (Select and obtain one of the 98 no longer obtainable titles)
- 15,000 points: 30-days-expiration Reiley's Toy (Variety)
- 45,000 points: Permanent Reiley's Toy
- 22,500 points: Intermediate Element Stone
- 15,000 points: Element Stone
- 1,500 points: Seal of Bravery

Buffs earned through Expeditions will remain, but the 4 types of buffs will be integrated into one.
Penetration buff gained by reaching 10 max level characters is reported as +10% penetration.


Gold reward upon battle/raid completion is decreased for: Season 3 raids, Season 2 hero battles

Source: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=189205&site=heroes
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