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Mabinogi Heroes Test Server Notes Translation

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Mabinogi Heroes Test Server Update Notes

You can receive the story 'ID: Farhorn Expedition' through Colhen's Strange Traveler. Once you complete the story, your can access the Farhorn Expedition tab from Characer Info window.
FE is divided into expedition level/mission, relic points, and status effect. Missions can be challenged by inputting max level characters with guaranteed success.
Rewards include expedition experience and relic points which can be used at a shop. There is a chance to a 'rare discovery' which comes with additional rewards.
'Suitable characteristic' can be achieved by matching the characteristics of a batched character and mission. Batching different kinds of characteristics is favorable to any mission.

- Discovery Points -

1) Batch first FE character to earn 10 points
2) Batch second FE character to earns 5 points,
3) Additional 3 points can be earned through suitable characteristics
4) Discovery points can increase chance to rare discovery

- Characteristics -

1) Bonus effect that varies by the characters
2) Per character, 4 common and 1 inherited characteristic
3) Suitable characteristics increases chance to rare discovery

- Rare Discovery -

1) Rewards: (a) additional expedition experience & relic points (b) Relic Box
2) Relic Box is differently graded depending on the mission
3) Low grade Relic Box is known to contain crafting materials, AP capsules, or other power materials

- Relic Points -

1) Earned by completing missions
2) Additional points earned through rare discovery
3) Relic Point Exchange Shop: (a) 500 AP Capsule [500 points] (b) Departure License [300 points] (c) Kyuumi?'s Recovery Potion [100 points]
- Status Effect -

1) Permanent buffs: (a) Expedition: Critical (b) Expedition: ATT/M.ATT and DEF (c) Exp: Stamina (d) Exp: Penetration
2) Bonus stats vary by the number of max level characters in account
3) Each max level character adds: +100 ATT/M.ATT [max bonus: +1,000] , +50 DEF [max: +300], +1 Stamina[max: +15]
4) Additional bonus stats: +1 Critical [5 or more max level characters], More Penetration [10 or more max level characters]

- Ein Lacher -

1) 10 new Season 3 battles: The Operation Room, A Long Dark Path, Frozen Land, You Only Live Once, A Moment's Notice, Rescue Mission, The Devil's Cook, Impermeance [?]
2) 5 new titles: Refused 80 Cures, 80 Battles Later, ...
3) 10 pre-update titles including Golden God will require completion of the new battles to retain
4) Battles not listed for the day can be attempted once without a pass; quick reattempt or additional attempts requires Ein Lacher Pass

- Weekly and Monthly Mission -

1) Weekly Mission of 4 tasks resets each Monday at 9:00am
2) Weekly Mission's known tasks: Complete 10 daily battles, Transform 20 times, Complete 20 raids, Complete 50 daily battles
3) Weekly Mission's known rewards: 7-days-expiration departure license, Goibhniu enhancement stone, Seal selection box
4) Monthly Mission of 4 tasks resets each 1st day of the month at 9:00am
5) Monthly Mission's known tasks: Complete Weekly Mission 8 times, Purchase 40 Secret Boxes, Complete 200 raids, Complete 200 daily battles
6) Premium Enhancement Rune is rewarded for 'Complete Weekly Mission x8' and Monthly Mission Ticket is rewarded for all other tasks
7) Monthly Mission Ticket Exchange Shop: Destruction Safeguard Rune [3x Tickets], Enchant Rune [6x Tickets], Premium Armor Enhancement Rune [12x Tickets]
8) Completing 4 consecutive Monthly Mission rewards Premium Armor Enhancement Rune
9) Unclaimed prizes will be lost

[source: http://m.inven.co.kr/webzine/wznews.php?site=heroes&idx=188836]


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    boo4u wrote: »
    Can any of the KR golden god players confirm that the stats are removed?

    Junyoop already confirmed it on stream several days ago.

    On a side note, KR has more free character slots than NA. NA only gets 7 character slots for free. Hopefully, they'll increase the amount of character slots for NA players, but I am doubting it... Each character slot is going to cost $10 too...