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Scythe needs your help

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in Evie
Hey Guys,

yep my english is bad, i know BUT

i stuck @ 50 SPD and need ur experience which gear/ scrolls etc i can use to climb up the ladder to a speedy sweet scythe girl ^^


  • PassionSCROLL13millionPassionSCROLL13million
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    get a +12 or higher scythe a with righteous enchant and judgement suffix
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    edited November 11, 2017
    You could also slap on a couple Fast scrolls on your accessories, while also using Enthusiastic scrolls on your armor to counteract the resulting balance loss.
    Using multiple Enthusiastic scrolls kills your DEF, though, so you may want to find other means to increase your DEF, such as upgrading to Dullahan armor if you're still wearing lvl 90 armor.
  • X1Guts1XX1Guts1X
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    get a greater werewolf paw artifct. Also, learn to double tap Insane Reaper and Arcane Gate to maximize your SP and put cooldown Awakening Stone on IR so you can keep it up permanetly. These are the other ways to increase ur AttSpd