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Connection to relay server failed.

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edited October 7, 2017 in Tech Support
Since yesterday evening I have this connection problem. I play vindi for 6 years and never had this problem. I need several attempts to start a party and restart always fails. I have no related problems with other games or generally with my internet. I thought it has to do with the storm in my region (north Germany) but as I said only with vindi I have this problem. If someone has a guess what it can be or a solution for it, I would be very grateful.


  • StunnyStunny
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    Same problem, same region.
    I think its a provider related issue.
    - Connection to channel lost
    - Cant enter boats via board
    - Being send to town after trying to restart a battle (Connection to relay server failed).
    - Cant switch channel nor connect to them ( New Channel bug).
  • RecorRecor
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    If it is the provider then I do not understand why only vindi is affected. I've just played two hours of battlefield 1 no problems no fps drops no lags.