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Questions about Blute

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How good is blute defense moves compared to scythe Evie? Scythe Evie has very strong defense, I would like to know how good blute is in comparison. Is it about the same or a lot worse in potential.

What blute event is available? For example would we receive something similar to a level 90 +10 blute for our Lynn characters?

Lynn has a healing move. How much does it heal and how often?


  • PuppymanPuppyman
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    1. Blutte has various dodges and blocks, though some cost sp, she gets enough sp for it to be not a waste to use them often. However unlike scythe evie, if blutte does get hit, she can heal by her own means.

    2. KR had an event that let you get an orange +10 90 blutte

    3. Ok so this is a bit complex(not really).
    - When she does a follow-up smash after the regular L_R combo, she can choose to either make the attack do more damage or heal her and execute faster. At max rank the heal is 7% of damage dealt, with max stacks.

    Here's a link to Blutte-tistics if it peaks your interest/haven't seen it.

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    I don't understand how they make a char that can heal right after the devs mention that they don't want easy no-potion healing to be ingame.They even plan some nerfs for succubus fang I think