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Vella guide?

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in Vella
Anyone here have an up-to-date vella guide? I would like a deep insight explanation for how vella's "berserk charge" gameplay works. For both swords and chains, it seems like she uses a time mechanic to unleash dps, but there are time extenders and for chain especially, there are a buttload of unnecessary shortcut skills. I was wondering if you can ignore most of them like how Fiona can ignore taunt most of the time.


  • InnoyInnoy
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    As a delia player I really wish Fiona wouldn't ignore taunt lol. I swear we have an aggro modifier on our attacks. As for guides there are some on yt, thats what I used for some other characters.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    What do You need a guide for exactly? You can max everything with AP, and it's easier nowdays due to higher gain, reduced ranks and removed armor type proficiencies. For gameplay stick to the same general rules:

    Swords Vella:
    • B40LrZ3.png is your primary source of damage. Connecting crosscuts is essential for effective damage.
    • lPkM5cX.pngEFItBn5.pngwYZC0p5.png is your secondary source of damage. Use in big time gaps. It deals slightly more damage than the filler below repeated to take about the same time.
    • KbgoECg.pnggEoSiv1.pngYwjRSqg.png is your filler damage, for small gaps. Omit Tumult Blade if running out of time. Can replace Storm Step with 2 normal attacks if the gap is little longer and You are already in range.
    • On bosses that have uncrosscutable attacks, use 6PndpzT.png as a counter-reaction (after the attack has begun and You recognised it) rather than pre-reaction (waiting for an attack to show up).
    • Learn which projectiles can be Vhx3yxj.png and try to reflect them, as it deals more damage than crosscut.
    • Knowing boss patterns, try using GelxFiT.png to increase your damage. Remember to jGPn58K.png before it expires to get SP back. Given my luck, people usually stun the boss out of sudden when I use that, despite they normally don't - annoying.
    • Use lynKG8z.png as safety option, or when You perfect cross but didn't deal damage to follow up.

    Chains Vella:
    • 4r6FH9u.pngkB4L1WA.png is your primary damage, with and without q6HgEUZ.png.
    • q6HgEUZ.png+jGZmqKN.png every 10 stack for optimum damage, unless the boss has special moves or phases that could interrupt it - in that case You need to know when You can use it as soon as possible and when to keep 20 stacks (which grant extra time) to use afterwards that pattern.
    • Remember using NUKFek7.png at the last second (when displayed 0 or 1) for extra damage and free stack. You should have your SP filled, so that's not a problem.
    • After q6HgEUZ.png expires, use your SP to refill the stacks quickly with URL].
    • Generic transformation tip: using 20 stacks + jGZmqKN.png with maxed transformation (duration-wise) will expire before first transformation ends, and by the time transformation ends You should be able to get another 10 stacks and use second transformation (which has it's own duration time rather than keep whatever was left from the last one). I use this tactic everyday at Eochaid (aka ebola).
    • Use 0bPjPJy.png when stamina is very low, then QZRzml1.png (assuming q6HgEUZ.png was enabled). Reactivate q6HgEUZ.png by doing this again once stamina has regenerated.
    • ig7L6KG.png use it if there are multiple enemies and they surround You (mobs, big multi-part bosses like Kraken or Bark).
    • BO some low flinch-amount bosses (like Lugh) with wkKjJaA.png for extra $$$. Getting SP for that will take long enough to get 20 stacks.

    That's about it. All the details depends on the enemy You are fighting and your attack speed. You can watch videos on my YouTube channel for Ein Lacher, solos and other stuff. Might be also interested in Neamhain.
  • JinyieJinyie
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    If I may add, transitioning into cross stance is quicker after the 2nd smash (razor not tumult) than it is for spin rush (probably because of hit delay). But the spin rush combo is a high risk high reward meant to mostly be used for when the boss is not attacking. Otherwise I would use any variation of 2nd smash to play safe w/ tumult blade to gain SP and cross at any time. Also that last skill listed when used as an active will provide you invulnerability throughout the animation can be useful at times ;) . Everything SirRFI mentions I can agree with so +1
  • DrachusDrachus
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    Sorry for bumping this old topic, but kinda would want to add some things to what Nocatia said.

    As it's been stated first xcut is the main source of damage. But what you should try to keep in mind is that 1st xcut deals more damage than the 2nd one. What this means is that you should always tend to chain the 1st xcut on every attack and the 2nd xcut in-between attacks. One important thing about the xcuts (especially on Neamhain) is to know how can you use it's invulnerability to the fullest. Animation canceling plays a big role when you're a TS Vella and knowing how long each animation lasts. (Animation canceling can be preformed by holding directional keys during attacks).
    Xcut masterrace Credits to Drusa for this.

    Using sword's will does increase your damage as SirRFI said, however the main point of that skill is that it allows the use of gale splitter from a combo because all the xcuts you do under this buff become "perfect". Having the 3rd stage of blade heart(which you will have for ~35 seconds under the effect of sword's will) drastically reduces the SP cost of gale splitter.

    One of the most important skills on a TS vella would probably slashing high. Slashing high makes the stamina cost equal 0 and increases the attack speed, however it also reduces the on-hit drag-on (The same effect which the 2nd dark knight transformation gives) - meaning that when you hit a boss your attack animations won't slow down (this is what I called on-hit drag-on) but go with the same attack speed as if you'd be attacking air.

    PS: I may add some additional information in the future. But overall I think that exploring things on your own is more interesting.