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Question: Lann speed buff?

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Does anyone remember Spear Lann getting a speed buff when using fury infusion? I can remember being on a boat waiting for others to join, I could activate fury infusion, and while it was active, if i pressed "c" to see my stats it would show an increased attack speed. Did they remove this?



Thx in advance,


  • ElleaseEllease
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    That never existed. The only changes Fury Infusion have gotten since launch have basically been recovering the HP lost from usage, and the ability to quick-infuse.
  • CloakshireCloakshire
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    Only speed buff spear lann has is accelerate. +1 speed for every smash you do up to 10. Lasts 10 seconds; refreshes/stacks every time you smash. Disappears when you take a hit or go 10 seconds without landing one.
  • ReziRezi
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    Maybe in beta?