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Enhancement Question

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Just a somewhat newbie question on enhancing. I noticed some people have weapons at numbers like +13,14,15,16 and was curious about the process. I made a weapon and was able to bring it to +10, realized I can only use the rune on the market to safely proceed. So I got it +11, and then used the green rune and got it to +12 but reading the rune has me wondering how people actually get a weapon to higher enhance levels. My bind count is at 2 so I have two fails left, and it also sends it backwards. So I can risk booming a +11 and being stuck with it or have a 30% chance to advance? So what process are people doing to get these? Are they just using the green rune, booming, then make another weapon and try again?


  • Weiss_OswaldWeiss_Oswald
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    Most of the +14 and +15 you see nowadays where made Pre-Rise,, where the process was diferent, and easier to achieve higher enhancements.
    For the sake of not confusing you since, you seem to be a new player, I will not go into details on how it was before, unless you specificaly ask for it.

    But essentialy, it is all about risking. Few players got their first weapon to high enhance. Once your weapon breaks, if you want a better one, you just have to make a new one and start all over.
    Obviously this is a hard, expensive process.

    What I recommend is to try to get a +12 weapon, a dullahan's one would give you enough stats to play through any content. After that, if you still want more power, you can try and get at all costs a +13, wich is the last easiest enhancement you can possibly get, anything higher than that on a weapon is nowadays, almost impossible to obtain.

    Once you get your +12/+13 weapon, focus on your gear.

    ^These were my advices, hope I could help.
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    Yeah I figured, I actually did play pre rise and remember I had things like Lubers sketchy upgrade but I never really played much back then. Makes sense though, guess I will just keep my 12 as is and work on getting some armor worth upgrading.
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    SirRFI wrote: »

    Noca Im impressed with all your guides , they are always clear and good detailed .... Just had to say that seeing next one again . Good job.