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Desert Contract Preview


  • RecklessWolfRecklessWolf
    Vindictus Rep: 425
    Posts: 7
    im conflicted with this game nowadays i use to look forward to playing this game
  • XaldynnXaldynn
    Vindictus Rep: 100
    Posts: 5
    So the description on the site says the enhancement runes in the 7th Anniversary Enhancement Package work for plussing +11 or higher.

    Is that a typo or legit?
  • MadcobraMadcobra
    Vindictus Rep: 5,230
    Posts: 916
    I feel defiled by this event
  • The_VillainThe_Villain
    Vindictus Rep: 1,550
    Posts: 103
    So as your gift to your loyal players of seven years, you give us.. the opportunity to give you more money.. for subpar stuff.. The funniest thing about it though, is that the high-class gangster set costs more now than it did when it was on the outfitter shop. GG..
  • TwilightSparkleTwilightSparkle
    Vindictus Rep: 2,440
    Posts: 224
    wonderful event for outfits C: like it all except gangster set buut i was already gonna buy 4 outfits anyways soo i got the gangster set for free basically :p