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Special 'Reloading Tech' with Teide

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I've been spending quite some time with Hurk's new Teide weapon ever since the weapon itself was released to the west. And while I was experimenting with the Teide weapon, I discovered this neat tech in which I like to call it the 'Reloading Tech' for Teide.

Anyone who has already had some experience with Hurk's Teide weapon should know that there are two firing modes, which are Single Shot mode and Double Shot mode, and either one of them can be selected by pressing the TAB button.
Double Shot mode requires 2 Shells in order to activate and the simplest way to load at least 2 Shells into your shotgun is through Reload Stance, which can be done by simply only pressing the Dodge button, or Spacebar if you're using the mouse controls. However, performing the Reload Stance in the middle of a fight can be risky since it leaves you vulnerable to getting hit while you're in the middle of the Reload Stance animation and you cannot cancel the animation by any means whatsoever.

But there is an alternative way to load 2 shells into your shotgun, and which is where the Reloading Tech comes into play.

Note that the Reloading Tech can only be performed when your shotgun is totally unloaded.

If you played as Teide already, then you would already know that the shotgun blasts are mainly Teide's Smash Attacks. Hurk can chain up to 6 smash attacks with Teide and each smash attack will use up one shell within Hurk's shotgun.
If Hurk happens to not have any shells left in his shotgun and decides to still perform another smash attack during the middle of his combo chain, then he will automatically load a single shell into his shotgun before firing it off. In other words, Hurk will always automatically load a single shell into his shotgun in between each smash attack whenever the shotgun is unloaded.

Now did you know that you can cancel Hurk Teide's smash attacks by performing his dodge move, the Barrel Roll?
This is an important thing to keep in mind in order to perform the Reloading Tech.
If you happen to perform the Barrel Roll at the right moment, right after Hurk automatically loads a shell into his unloaded shotgun and right before he fires his shotgun with the shell he just loaded, you'll cancel that smash attack and still maintain that shell loaded inside your shotgun without firing it off. And in addition to one more extra shell that is loaded from the performing the Barrel Roll, you'll have a total of 2 shells loaded in to your shotgun.

Overall, this is how the Reloading Tech can be performed:
(While the Shotgun is UNLOADED) Right Click -> Right Click -> Barrel Roll (Right after Hurk automatically loads a shell in and before he shots)

However, there are other way to perform the Reloading Tech which sometimes results in different outcomes.

For example, you can also load in an Enhanced Shell (Red Shell) while performing the Reloading Tech by simply doing this:
(While the Shotgun is UNLOADED) Right Click -> Right Click -> Barrel Roll (Right after Hurk automatically loaded a shell in) -> Spacebar (At the precise moment after performing the Barrel Roll)

Note that the Barrel Roll isn't the only way to cancel your next unloaded smash attack that's needed to perform this tech, you can also cancel it by performing the Reload Stance and as a result you'll end up having a total of 3 shells loaded into your shotgun. However, this method doesn't allow you to load in any Enhanced Shells into your shotgun.

The Reloading Tech can be performed during the middle of Teide's combos as long as the shotgun is unloaded to begin with.
For example, Left Click -> Left Click -> Right Click -> Barrel Roll (Right after Hurk automatically loaded a shell in and before that shotgun fires off)

This tech is quite handy for when you are in the middle of a fight. it helps you be evasive as well as quickly load some shells into your shotgun if it happens to be empty. It's also handy for quickly preparing your Double Shot at the ready in the mist of a battle if you happened to have the Double Shot mode selected as your firing mode.
As long as your shotgun is unloaded and as long as you're able to cancel that upcoming unloaded smash attack right after Hurk automatically loads a shell in and right before he fires his shotgun, you'll most certainly pull of the Reloading Tech.