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Ability to change Character Class

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Since you can change your path from paladin/dark knight, I think there should be a NX item that allows you to change your character class.
Now, I know people will say - just make a new character! But many people do not have the time, patience and/or desire to go from 1 to 95 all over again, as well as
do things such as get all new orange chunks and enchant scrolls for weapons if they already went through the painful task of getting them on their current character.
Why would people want to change their character class? Well, some people have played a class so long that they are bored and would like to try something new. Others perhaps leveled up quickly and didn't realize that they didn't really like their class that much. Or people just would like to try out everything available to them.
I don't think this would be a problem on the coding side of things - with things like skills, the player would receive all their skill points back (like with a reset tablet) and can put the points into their new character skills. The only thing that would have to be restrictive is that female classes could only change with female classes and males with males, due to things like outfits.
I would like Nexon USA to strongly consider this. I hope they don't have to wait for things to come out in Korea first. This would be, I feel, a pioneering type of thing in gaming (since you usually don't get to change and experience different characters without having to do things all over again) and, of course, there would be profit in it for Nexon. I also feel this would make the game fun again for people and less of a drag especially if you want to experience different classes.
Thank you.


  • ReziRezi
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    It takes 3 days at max to grind from 1 to 95.

    A better suggestion would be to just make the game classless.
  • XiaquaXiaqua
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    Maybe it wouldn't be such a pain if leveling up would be more fun LOL :D