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Vindictus Colhen/Rocheste S1 Blank Map

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I used MSPaint to edit the maps together. Unfortunately, some spots need to be "cleaned up" like the bottom of the Hoarfrost mountains, the bottom of Labyrinth/Ein area, and around the river near Hilder/Ortel. It would be great if someone could also clean up the bottom of the dock map and add it to the image since right now the words/icons cover too much. I have no experience in doing this, or in coloring the map, so just cleaning it up (but coloring for sure) would be greatly appreciated.



  • JynXiJynXi
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    edited September 6, 2017
    Rezi wrote: »

    Did some quick stuff, with also some old maps I took from gamepedia or whatever.
    I am defi not the best, but prolly better than your current:


    Just cut it however you like.
  • ReziRezi
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    That's perfect! Thank you so much!

    This should definitely help anyone that wants to make their own custom locations. :)