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Royal Army Raids

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Does anyone else think that the Royal Army Raids are now antiquated and should be removed from the game!?

I mean does anyone even do them anymore with all the current revamps to the game!?
  1. Should the Royal Army Raids be removed!?33 votes
    1. Yes
       27% (9 votes)
    2. No
       73% (24 votes)


  • SaintGuinnessSaintGuinness
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    I still do the RAR. They are one of the few raids that still give seals of bravery, don't take 3 mins to beat and have a more than 4 ppl in a party. I just wish it was less laggy.
  • EffectEffect
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    For what they are, Royal Army Raids are fine and should remain in the game. The only issue with them is the amount of lag you get while doing them.
  • Yuria100Yuria100
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    Royal Raid and Abyss Arena are both a big seals provider in the game. Sad it hard to get people to do them.

    Nexon need to work on fixing the lag problem in RR. This way people can do them more often thus increasing the amount of mysterious shard avialable.

    (no need to read the next part V)
    Sadly when the revempt of RR came nexon thought it was an amazing idea to hold back the main thing that made Royal Raid enticing, attack release. This also broke the revempted RR, thus making them annoying and long to do. With this, people most likely got burnt out on RR.

    When RR revempt came out the server for it were running nicely and there was a higher player cap before Rise, now around 50%-80% (random number that has no backing to them) are extremely laggy with less player.

    Well, in the end, I say we should keep Royal Raid and hope nexon can try to fix those lag issue on their RR server.

    Side Note: KR Royal Raid fill instantly and i can easily join 4 run with it filling in seconds. I'll provide a highlight for it ;3! soon.
  • BownerBowner
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    there should be upgraded versons of them.
  • letsrockwithkarokletsrockwithkarok
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    How is it that when RAR's came out YEARS ago, they had double the player capacity and almost no lag but now, in 20goddamn17, with half the player capacity, it's like watching a Powerpoint slideshow???
  • AibouAibou
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    Still do them everyday, when you mega it usually starts in seconds. It's still fun to fight with more than 4 peeps and the loot is pretty neat imo (lots of mats, seals and ap by every run) compared to other raids. If it just wouldn't be that one huge freeze when ppl join all at once... i sometimes can start moving from x25 or less cause of this.
  • AnnerAnner
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    I'd prefer them just be made into 4-8 man raids above all else.
  • AgathodaimonAgathodaimon
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    I don't care for spiders or bear, but dragons have always been my favorite. Dragons are the best raids in the game imo.
    Anner wrote: »
    I'd prefer them just be made into 4-8 man raids above all else.

    I wouldn't mind 8 man royal raid.